Facial Treatments


Student Facial: A deep cleansing facial focusing on problem skin doing extractions and seeing to skins condition and helping reduce the appearance of acne and comedones. Ideal for teenagers who need some attention to their skin, giving them the best treatment without over stimulating the skin.
Basic Facial: A rejuvenating facial balances the skin, helping to combat the effects of our environment. This facial includes an exfoliation, massage and mask specifically for skin concerns. Ideal for anyone needing a facial treatment.
Specialised facial: An advanced treatment focussing more on the skins needs with more specialized masks.

    Purifying: This treatment is especially suited for teenagers and men, especially those who suffer from ingrown hairs or breakouts. It has a deep cleansing action and contains extracts of Cedarwood, juniper berry and thyme. This highly effective purifying treatment is antiseptic and very soothing. The skin is left hydrated, never irritated. The aromatic vapour from the steamer further increases the antiseptic, healing effect.
    Hydro Intensive: This custom-blended treatment is outstanding for dehydrated skin types. Fantastic for bridal treatments since it provides a lasting radiance and never over-nourishes the skin. The HYDRO-INTENSIVE TREATMENT offers excellent hydration benefits along with the added anti-ageing effects of glycosamino glycan and hyaluronic acid – both of which are natural constituents of healthy, young skin.
    Firming Sauna: This treatment offers the ultimate in firming and toning effects. With the addition of Turkish rose and frankincense, the Sauna Masque Treatment is highly recommended for skins in need of a surge of moisture and smoothing of fine dehydration lines.
    Vitamin Masque: This specialized skin care treatment makes use of extracts of sandalwood, orange blossom and ravensara to offer the ultimate in skin conditioning during periods of extreme dryness. The skin is superbly nourished due to the natural extracts of oat milk, wheat germ, sesame and flaxseed. The aromatic vapour from the steamer ensures that this is a wonderfully relaxing experience. The warmth of the masque makes it a popular choice during the winter months.
    Eye Therapy Treatment: An add-on treatment that is best combined with the Phyto-Essential Treatment. Helps reduce fine lines and is extremely relaxing for the eye area

    20% Fruit Acid: This blend of naturally-occurring fruit acids is highly effective as an intensive exfoliation and skin boosting treatment. Not as much a pampering treatment, but rather a mini-booster treatment. A therapeutic treatment that helps flush excess pigment, increases cell-turnaround time and prevents accumulation of dead superficial cells. The result is a radiant complexion. Ideally, this treatment is performed a few days prior to the client’s usual facial treatment. Also recommended as a course of 3-6 treatments, during winter.
    30% Lactic Acid: Lactic acid is a naturally-occurring acid that has the ability to revitalize the complexion. Similar in principle to the FRUIT ACID PEEL, though more intensive, it is intended as a booster treatment. A therapeutic treatment that helps flush excess pigment, increases cell-turnaround time and prevents accumulation of dead superficial cells. Ideally, this peel is performed as a course of 3 or 6 treatments during the winter months to help renew and revitalize the skin.
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