Facial Treatments

RVB Diego Dalla Palma

Deep cleanse: A deep cleansing treatment that increases the vitality of the skin cells and improves the detoxification of the cells for a clean and balanced skin. This treatment is ideal for anyone and is a starter facial to prepare the skin for further treatment and better results. The facial includes one massage during the treatment. It has a 10% Mandelic acid peel which rids the skin of dead skin cells.
Hydrating: A hydrating treatment that restores the skin’s healthy glow, it reduces dehydration lines and reduces discomfort of dehydrated skins. This treatment has two massages and the Ceramide Concentrate acts as a ‘shock treatment’ to the skin with its exclusive 51 + 3 Hyalu Complex containing high percentages of Hyaluronic acids and Ceramides.
Anti-ageing: An anti-ageing treatment that protects the skin’s support structure to redensify the skin, combat fine lines and wrinkles and counteracts loss of elasticity. This treatment has a 20% Alpha Hydroxy Acid combination peel and has three massages. The rejuvenating serum contains 51 + 3 Hyalu Complex containing high concentration of peptides which stimulates the regeneration of the skins structural components.

RVB Holistic Beauty

This very special facial that is formulated to create and restore the psycho-physical balance of the body through active natural ingredients that become stabilised in the skin, facilitation the elimination of psycho-physical toxins responsible for a skin condition or problem. This treatment has a very unique massage like no other and is very relaxing and comforting as it involves very deep pressure and lots of stretching movements. This is also a ‘spoil and pamper me’ treatment that still focuses on the skins needs. All active ingredients are naturally and organically derived.
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